ART Baskets - Exclusive Baskets

This exquisite collection of basketry showcases the extraordinary skills of a small group of weavers: The Master Weavers - women and men, young and old ... All born with innate talent and the desire to create! Watching the weavers create these extraordinary pieces of art is truly a beautiful thing, like a rhythmic dance of strength, gentleness and their exceptional skill. The weavers are completely immersed in their basket, figuratively and literally, it is as if they are almost becoming one.

New designs, techniques and dyeing materials emerge over time as our artisans continue to innovate, evolve as weavers, and better understand the "elephant grass" they so exquisitely hand weave. . The evolution of these baskets is slowly growing to be useful, and ethical.

Each piece in this collection comes directly from the hands of the artisans with whom we collaborate. Every tasty curve you discover is the imprint or signature of the master weaver who expertly crafted your basket. We celebrate the unique differences of each piece of art.
Basketry is an art, we believe it.