If we were to take a little tour of Spain .....

BABACHIC presents its new range of handcrafted hollow candles nicknamed Fanales in Spain. These Fanales were placed like lanterns on the towers of the ports so that their lights could serve as a night signal. They are made in Spain, a country that is very important to us. to heart.

These hollow out candles or Fanales do not melt, handmade, they serve as a container for another smaller candle which is placed inside, producing a warm, enveloping light effect.

💛Square hollow candles: they are perfect for setting up colored stairs, giving off a more intense light in the center than in the corners, producing a very particular effect. But not only, it is a decorative object that will highlight your tables, furniture, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

 💚Cylindrical Hollow Candles: Slim and Sleek: They are ideal for playing around creating environments of various sizes.

 💜Spherical Hollow Candles: Their particularity lies in the fact that they float in the water, which makes them suitable for swimming pools or fountains. The uniformity of illumination of floating hollow candles is similar to that of beautiful floating light spheres. To create a magical setting for your wedding, reception, Ibiza style party ... and many other occasions! 

With these wonderful lanterns let your imagination run wild to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

PS: These Candles / Lanterns cannot be exposed to the sun.