Brazilian jewelry

A superb plant discovery.

Our jewelry is entirely handmade in Brazil by local artisans.

Here is the story of these 100% vegetable materials ... 


The buriti is a palm native to northern South America, Venezuela and Brazil. 
The fiber of the buriti is obtained by extracting from the inside of the “eye” a young leaf that is still closed. Although each young buriti produces 1 to 5 “eyes” per year, in order to work sustainably, local communities are careful not to collect everything while respecting the interval of 6 to 8 months between each collection and ensure the survival of the palm tree.
BABACHIC offers you a collection of natural jewelry made from a sustainable raw material without any damage to the environment.



Vegetable Gold

Capim Dourado (syngonanthus nitens), called “Vegetable Gold”, is a species of naturally golden grass that grows exclusively in the Jalapão Nature Reserve in Brazil.

This craft has endured for centuries in many villages. These are ancestral practices that are generally practiced by women.

This craft represents the only economic resource of these local communities, united in associations.

The jewelry is entirely made by local artisans who have acquired ancestral knowledge in the traditional weaving of vegetable gold.
Babachic and Jalapao Nature (in friendly partnership) we invite you to participate in an economy of sustainable development.

These plants are part of a solidarity economy and marketing.